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The competence group for efficient production

BILDE: Berit Arntsen (t.v.) i Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen, Vidar Harsvik i Midtnorsk Opplæring og Rune Vatn i Simpro. FOTO: Kajsa Selnes / AD

A informative and successful kickoff meeting at Damphuset just before Christmas.

The steering committee of the Efficiency Production competence group received valuable input from companies regarding challenges related to efficient production and how Thamsklyngen can work further on this. The purpose of the brainstorming session held before Christmas was to find the right approach and specify several specific focus areas to work on. There was a good turnout, and there was a good representation of people from operational management. The competence group aims to be a professional meeting place and learning arena for employees in cluster companies.

Brief summary of the session.

Many of the suggestions focused on establishing best practices in various areas, finding a platform to discuss specific issues collectively when facing challenges or developing something new. There was also a focus on competence profiles and acquiring new knowledge in different fields that are important for the companies in the region. Another common theme was the desire to get to know each other better, enabling us to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. This facilitates knowing what neighboring companies want in terms of goods and services and when they want them. Building a cluster that can serve as a platform for this is therefore crucial. Additionally, there were many fruitful discussions regarding IT and digitalization. To further refine the group's focus, we also plan to establish separate competence groups in the fields of IT and digitalization, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) group, and logistics & supply chain. Each competence group will have its own group board and annual plan, and I will provide more information on this. Furthermore, I have heard that several participants in the kick-off meeting have reached out to neighboring companies, resulting in new collaborations and knowledge sharing. This is very encouraging!

The mandate of the competence group.

The steering committee consisting of group leader Torbjørn Evjen (HAMOS), Erlend Gjønnes (Orkel), Erik Dragset (Simpro), and Bjørn Saugestad (Elkem Thamshavn) have worked further on the input and presented a mandate and an annual plan with related activities to the board of Thamsklyngen in December 2018. The approved mandate states that the competence group for efficient production will focus on streamlining internal processes in both production and administration. The theme for 2019 is getting to know each other better, and an annual plan with various types of activities has been developed. The purpose is to create a relevant meeting place where we can exchange information and share experiences within the field of efficient production.

The planned activities for efficient production

All members of Thamsklyngen cluster are free to register for the events organized by the various competence groups within the cluster.

We will start with a company visit to Elkem Thamshavn, where plant director Bjørn Saugestad will show us how they work on efficiency improvements. Later in March, we invite you to a breakfast meeting at Simpro, where they will share their experience with implementing and systematically working with the 5S methodology (standardized factory cleanup). If any of you would like a more detailed report from the kickoff meeting or have other questions, please feel free to contact me.


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