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Course in explosion safety at Washington Mills

IMAGE: lecture by Kees van Wingerden from Gexcon. PHOTO: Thamsklyngen

On Tuesday, we visited Washington Mills, where Gexcon provided an orientation on explosions and safety.

Washington Mills, in collaboration with the competence group for efficient production in Thamsklyngen, invited cluster participants to a course on explosion safety with Gexcon, led by course instructor Kees van Wingerden. Gexcon is a Norwegian company specializing in safety, risk management, advanced dispersion, explosions, and fire modeling. The goal of organizing the course together is to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and address common challenges. The day started with a brief welcome from cluster leader John Kåre Solem, followed by a presentation by Paul Ulvan, Development Manager at Washington Mills, who provided an introduction to the incident that occurred at Washington Mills on March 19th this year when a gas tank in the production facility exploded. The course focused on basic gas explosions, with an emphasis on hydrogen, ignition sources, preventive measures, area classification, static electricity, ventilation/extraction, pressure relief, Atex regulations, and risk assessments. The course had a very good attendance with approximately 50 participants, representing 11 companies from Thamsklyngen. It is the input and decisions of our cluster participants that determine what the cluster organizes, so we are pleased with the high level of participation. At the same time, it is encouraging to see that this is a relevant topic for many in our region and that health, safety, and security are important areas for collaboration," said John Kåre Solem from Thamsklyngen.

PHOTO: Thamsklyngen


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