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We are looking ahead and trying to plan for spring.

We are currently in a special time where everyone is directly or indirectly affected in some way. The hope is that the infection control measures we have implemented together will have a swift effect in reducing the spread.

One of the many measures is digitalized meetings, which means that the cluster's study trips are being postponed to the summer. We will provide more information later. Before we wish all cluster participants a happy Easter, we would like to briefly update you on some of the upcoming cluster projects. If these are relevant to you, please get in touch.

Thamsklyngen's climate and energy group has been operational for about a year. The participants in the climate and energy group include Orkland Energi, Norsk kylling, ReMidt, Tensio, and Orkland kommune. The group's goal is to initiate projects that can contribute to secure energy supply, the lowest possible climate and environmental footprint, and improved competitiveness for the companies in the cluster. Currently, the group has two preliminary feasibility projects in the pipeline:

Project 1: Power supply situation - increasing access to electrical power.

Regional power supply

Orkland and its surroundings are an important business region, with a large and diverse industry. We aim to remain an attractive location for businesses in the future, and access to electrical power is a crucial factor in attracting new companies and investments.

This has led to a project initiated by Thamsklyngen's climate and energy group with the following objectives:

  • Analysis of the current supply situation (2020)

  • Identifying and implementing measures to increase grid capacity in the short and medium term (1-5 years)

  • Contributing to a long-term solution for the region's power supply (5+ years)

Please contact the cluster manager if you would like to know more or participate in the project.

Project 2: Concept study on biogas and local transportation

The same group will also initiate a concept study this spring. Through this project, we aim to identify both short-term and long-term measures that address the following criteria:

  • Reduction in emissions from transportation and stationary energy use

  • Decrease in overall energy consumption within the cluster area

  • Increased utilization of local/regional resources

  • Ensuring access to clean energy and sufficient electrical power

  • Leveraging environmental and economic synergies

This provides us with opportunities to further explore the utilization of waste steam from the process industry, clean energy for transportation, and local utilization of organic waste for the production of biogas and biogertilizer.

Please contact the cluster manager if you would like to know more or participate in the project.

The Competence Group for Efficient Production: creating its own knowledge environment.

The Competence Group for Efficient Production has been working effectively on various lean projects in 2019/2020, including a 5S project with MainTech.

In late summer, we plan to start a new cluster project called Team Performance. The purpose is to create a local knowledge environment among the cluster's production companies. The project involves collecting data from various production lines and utilizing it to improve processes. We look at what data should be collected and how to visualize it in the simplest way. The system is planned to be built using Microsoft Power BI.

The main goal of the project is to enable all employees to drive structured improvement based on concrete and measurable indicators.

  • Increased involvement

  • Increased competence

  • Increased motivation

  • Increased pace of improvement

Please contact the cluster manager if you would like to know more or participate in the project.

Thamsklyngen hereby wishes all cluster participants a happy Easter!


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