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Visit form Invest in Norway Trøndelag

Last week, cluster member Orkland municipality, represented by business development manager Aasmund Lie, arranged a meeting with Invest in Norway. Invest in Norway was represented by Christian Hemmingsen, whose task is to facilitate international investments in Trøndelag and position Norway and Trøndelag as an attractive location for foreign companies and investors.

"Invest in Trøndelag" is a newly established function in Trøndelag, financed by the Trøndelag County Council. The position is linked to Innovation Norway Trøndelag and is part of Innovation Norway's Growth and Export division.

Christian will contribute to developing investment opportunities, promoting them, providing information about Norway and Trøndelag as an investment destination, as well as connecting investors with locations and networks.

It's crucial for Invest in Norway to have knowledge about our region and to promote our appeal as a host. During the meeting, several entities such as the municipality, the Business Association, the Thamsklyngen cluster, the Oil Forum, and cluster participant Washington Mills gave presentations.


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