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Upcoming collaboration project in 5S

IMAGE: Gunhild E. Opland (t.v.), Marit Bolstad og Fredrik Karlstad fra MainTech.

Tuesday: Visit to Orkel where MainTech provided an overview of the 5S foundation for efficient operations.

The competence group for efficient production in Thamsklyngen invited cluster participants to an introductory information meeting on how we can explore a collaborative project focused on efficient and stable production operations. MainTech, who has previously worked on a similar project, was present to provide insights on how such a collaboration can be implemented within Thamsklyngen.

The goal of the project is to help participating cluster members implement a robust management system in production and provide them with the opportunity to learn from each other throughout the process. This collaborative approach has proven to be more effective than pursuing individual paths.

Thamsklyngen, together with MainTech, will now develop a proposal and distribute it to cluster participants to initiate the project during the autumn. If anyone has any questions regarding this project, please don't hesitate to contact the cluster management.


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