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The kickoff of the competence group "Efficient Production"

IMAGE: Project Manager John Kåre Solem in Thamsklyngen. PHOTO: Kajsa Selnes / AD

Efficient production was the theme of Thamsklyngen's first competence group.

At the end of November, Thamsklyngen organized the kickoff meeting for the competence group on efficient production. This is the cluster's first competence group, and it has its own group board consisting of Torbjørn Evjen (HAMOS), Erik Dragset (Simpro), Erlend Gjønnes (Orkel), and Bjørn Saugestad (Elkem Thamshavn). In general, competence groups are intended to be a meeting place for cluster participants, a breeding ground for new collaborative projects, and a platform for mutual learning. Additionally, the competence groups are meant to contribute to making the Orkdalsregionen and Trøndelag the best in the country in terms of circular economy. The meeting in Damphuset had around 40 participants, which provided Thamsklyngen with valuable insights. This information will be used by the group board to establish specific focus areas to work on within the competence group on efficient production. The agenda of the meeting was to gather input from cluster participants and hear about the major bottlenecks in terms of streamlining internal processes in both production and administration. A common thread among many companies was challenges related to project management, internal communication, management tools, and the potential of process digitalization. These are all areas that will be further explored throughout the next year.

IMAGE: from left: Inge Mardahl (Mardahl Maskin), Jens Djupvik (Elkem Thamshavn) and Ronny Mehlum (Orkdal kommune). PHOTO: Kajsa Selnes / AD

In the beginning, it is important to get to know each other so that we can learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier to collaborate on innovation projects. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on collectively building an identity around Thamsklyngen and establishing best practices in various areas. The competence groups in Thamsklyngen serve as a meeting place for both large and small businesses, and they provide a platform for more than just CEOs and managing directors to participate. Often, it is other departments and roles within the companies that have a more precise understanding of the most pressing issues. The attendance here today is concrete proof of that, as described by Torbjørn Evjen and John Kåre Solem.

IMAGE: Group leader of the competence group for efficient production Torbjørn Evjen (HAMOS). PHOTO: Kajsa Selnes / AD

The group board of the competence group will now gather the received input and present a mandate for the way forward at Thamsklyngen's board meeting in late December. This will lay the foundation for the activities that the group and the relevant cluster participants will carry out in 2019.

Thamsklyngen will also launch several competence groups next year. We have, for example, identified the need for competence groups in the areas of logistics and transport flow, as well as a CFO group.


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