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Thamsklyngen receives support from Enova for a renewable energy project

Thamsklyngen has been granted nearly 600,000 NOK for a project aimed at exploring future, climate-friendly, and innovative energy solutions. This will make Trøndelag and the Orkland region even more attractive for businesses.

The support from Enova is a significant contribution to making the industrial areas more climate-friendly, says John Kåre Solem, the CEO of Thamsklyngen.

The total scope of the project amounts to 1.2 million NOK, including own contributions and contributions from participating companies.

The project aims to improve the competitiveness of the business sector by, among other things:

  • reducing energy consumption and emissions from energy use in the region

  • increasing the utilization of local resources that would otherwise go to waste

  • ensuring sufficient access to electricity and other clean energy sources

The project has broad local and regional involvement. The steering group consists of representatives from ReMidt, Norsk Kylling, Orkland Energi, Tensio, Orkland municipality, and Sodvin. Other contributors include Washington Mills, NHP Eiendom, Trondheim Havn, Nettselskapet, Elkem Thamshavn, Salvesen og Thams, SpareBank 1 SMN, and Orkla Sparebank.

  • An additional benefit of the project is that it further strengthens collaboration among business actors, says Solem.

This will lay the foundation for new innovative solutions that bring the different industries in the area closer together. Examples include better utilization of agricultural biomass and the establishment of a refueling station for trucks and buses operating in the vicinity. Furthermore, industrial waste heat and steam can be used for heating industrial properties, reducing the strain on the grid and the use of regular electricity. Thamsklyngen also collaborates closely with the environment at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and various issues are planned to be addressed by students.

The project will significantly enhance the excellent work that Thamsklyngen and several cluster participants have already undertaken to make our industrial cluster a leader in sustainability.

The project will run for one year, and the results can be utilized in other regions of Norway.

The kick-off event is scheduled at Damphuset in Orkanger on Wednesday, November 18th, at 13:00.


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