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Thamsklyngen is included in the business network program of Innovation Norway

Thamsklyngen has been evaluated by a local and national evaluation panel and has been approved in the business network program!

This means that Thamsklyngen has more predictability regarding its operations in the coming years and access to expertise and support from Innovasjon Norge's cluster advisors. Innovasjon Norge's business network program focuses on strategic commercial collaboration projects that aim to develop new business areas and market opportunities, both domestically and internationally. The purpose is to contribute to increased adaptation and internationalization in Norwegian business. The goal is to enhance competitiveness, value creation, and profitability in companies. The program provides funding and expert guidance for the establishment of long-term, market-oriented, and commercially focused collaborative projects. Currently, the program includes over 90 active business networks with nearly 900 participating companies. For more information about the business network program, please visit Innovasjon Norge's website.


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