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Thamsklyngen initiates collaboration with AI Village and UT Prosjektet

The IT and Digitalization competence group in Thamsklyngen, together with Vegard & Willy from UT Prosjektet, have long been planning a meeting between the participants of AI Village and the cluster participants in Thamsklyngen.

The goal is knowledge sharing and exchanging experiences among the participants, as well as getting a unique opportunity to explore the latest in Trøndelag's technology and discuss common challenges.

UT Prosjektet, in collaboration with Safebase, has established TA-I with the aim of strengthening the Trøndelag business community and developing the region into one of Norway's most important competence centers for the development and application of AI over three years. TA-I consists of Trøndelag technology companies that create AI solutions.

For the cluster participants in Thamsklyngen, AI (artificial intelligence) and the application of new technologies are important for developing strong business models within the circular economy. The cluster has vast amounts of data and processes where new technology can make a significant difference.


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