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Thamsklyngen attended a sustainability seminar

Sustainability seminar with Børge Brende and Future in Our Hands at the amphitheater of SpareBank 1 SMN in Trondheim.

Sustainable development is receiving increasing attention, and many are demanding that businesses take more responsibility for society. What does this mean in practice, and how do we avoid it being just "empty words"? This was the topic of the sustainability seminar held on Wednesday, November 7th in Trondheim. Børge Brende and Future in Our Hands were present to inspire increased focus. In addition, representatives from Sjømat Norge, Thamsklyngen, and SpareBank 1 SMN participated to share and be challenged on their sustainability work. Thamsklyngen highlighted specific examples of how businesses in the Orkdalsregion effectively work on this topic, as well as how the Thamsklyngen cluster organization functions as a facilitator and driver. Our main goal is for businesses to emerge stronger by focusing on the green transition.

Framtiden i våre hender focused on what sustainability means and how businesses can implement it in their strategies. Endre Jo Reite, Group CEO of SpareBank 1 SMN, explained how the bank, at a high level, works with sustainability, including through the Ethical Banking Guide in collaboration with Framtiden i våre hender. The Ethical Banking Guide is a ranking of banks based on ethics and the environment. He also discussed how the bank, as a societal actor, addresses this issue.


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