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Study trip to Denmark

During the first week of September, Thamsklyngen, along with several others, was invited by Trøndelag County Municipality to a peer-to-peer gathering in Kalundborg, Denmark. Over the course of these days, we got to know similar organizations from other Nordic countries and received presentations on several exciting cluster projects in Zealand.

We had company visits to Ardagh Glass Holmegaard, a glass factory, and Gyproc Saint Gobain, a plasterboard factory. The study trip was part of the Baltic Industrial Symbioses (BIS) project, which promotes industrial symbiosis and serves as a platform for sharing knowledge on sustainable development and green transition around the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Kalundborg Symbiosis Center hosted the event, and we also visited Ressource City in Næstved, which actively works to strengthen Næstved municipality's position in the circular economy.


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