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Kompetansestrategi Trøndelag 2023-2026

On 28.03.2023 Thamsklyngen has submitted a consultation response to Trøndelag County Municipality on behalf of our cluster members.

Developing the consultation response for Kompetansestrategi Trøndelag 2023-2026 provided a valuable platform for discussing shared aspirations for the future of Orkland.

The Trøndelag competence strategy aims to prioritize the county council's education initiatives for the planning period 2023-2026. The strategy summarizes the ambitions in the four main areas of citizens, the education system, professional life and cooperation.

Here you can read the statement: Kompetansestrategi Trøndelag 2023-2026

Thamsklyngen emphasizes cooperation that strengthen the transition to a more sustainable society. Therefore, our main goal was to provide a common response that reflects the needs and opinions of all cluster members. We aim for the strategy to contribute towards a green transition, and for the educational offerings to be adapted to the business sector's needs for both professional and workplace competence. Our main focus is on making sure that educational opportunities are available in remote areas and are designed to cater to the financial and personal situations of each individual employee.

We believe that our perspective will have a significant impact on the county council's strategy and future decisions!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the work on our consultation response!

Here you can read Thamsklyngen's consultation response to Kompetansestrategi Trøndelag 2023-2026: Høringssvar Thamsklyngen


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