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Dialogue meeting with the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Dialogue meeting: The government and the minister are seeking input for the preparation of the circular economy report.

IMAGE: Bjørn Wiggen (t.v.) Chairman of Thamsklyngen and Plant Manager Bjørn Saugestad from Elkem Thamshavn PHOTO: Ingunn Aspli

Dialogue meeting at Damphuset with a main focus on circular economy.

Last week, we had a visit from local representatives of the Conservative Party, led by Jan Grønningen, along with Minister of Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen. The purpose of the minister's visit was to gather input from Thamsklyngen regarding the government's report on circular economy. This was a unique opportunity for cluster participants to provide concrete and direct feedback to the minister. Topics discussed included predictable framework conditions, adaptability, sustainable business models, and policy instruments. The meeting concluded with a site tour, during which Chairman Bjørn Wiggen and Mayor Ordbjørn Bang provided an overview of local sustainable collaborative projects. The minister emphasized that if Norway can be proactive in embracing the circular economy, as Thamsklyngen and Orkland desire, it will create numerous new business opportunities and local jobs.

We wish the government good luck with their work, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide input again in the future.


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