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Company visit to Orkla Stålkonsult

IMAGE: Paul Inge Høiseth (left) at Orkla Stålkonsult hosted CEO Finn Haugan from SpareBank 1 SMN, Chairman Bjørn Wiggen from Thamsklyngen, bank manager Aasmund Lie, project manager John Kåre Solem from Thamsklyngen, and bank manager Birger Lie.

Thamsklyngen visited Orkla Stålkonsult at Furumoen together with SpareBank 1 SMN.

Some time ago, Thamsklyngen visited participant companies Orkla Stålkonsult and SpareBank 1 SMN. Chairman Bjørn Wiggen provided an overview of Thamsklyngen, an initiative aimed at making the Orkdal region and Trøndelag the best in the country in terms of the circular economy. Orkla Stålkonsult, a local contracting company, has many synergies with other local companies in the area.

"There is a lot of construction activity going on at the moment, and things are looking very promising for us," said CEO and majority owner Paul Inge Høiseth, whose company has 20 employees and 3 apprentices.

"We recently held a kickoff event where we presented our name and logo, and over 70 people attended. The interest so far has been very good. Several local companies see opportunities in what may be considered waste or by-products for some and an exciting resource for others. We are now working on getting even more companies on board," Wiggen stated. "Thamsklyngen aims to be more like an external business developer for the participants. The goal is to find new projects and connect the right companies," explained John Kåre Solem.

"Everything we do in this project must be commercially viable. The goal is to attract new local businesses. The potential is significant," outlined Bjørn Wiggen. The response was immediate. "SpareBank 1 SMN wants to be a part of this. Very exciting. Personally, I have great faith in this type of network. Great things happen when people come together. That's why initiatives like this are so important," said Finn Haugan.


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